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About Us

International importers


Most importers/ distributors are constantly looking for good products, delivered on time and sell well. We not only offer this from a reputable Australian manufactured, but also offer sales and marketing support, and a continue chain of new and improved products in the pipeline. Our services do not stop once we deliver the goods to your warehouse. We will work with you, as an extension of your team to help grow your business. Meeting your marketing objectives is our priority. Most manufactures have develop a domestic (Australian) market core strategy, based on a sustainable competitive advantage, we will leverage on their domestic core strategy, to build a strategy for the market. We can also assist you with sourcing Australian food products, or manufacturers that can contract pack according to your needs.


Australian manufactures


There are numerous infrastructures doing extremely well in the Australian market. Having their products listed in the major supermarkets, distributing to major food processing enterprises, receiving awards from the foods industry and the Australian Government. Despite having a good reputation in Australia, they are unable to export their quality products due to a lack of resources, experience, and knowledge of the export industry. Many importers /overseas retailers are not exposed to these products. If this is your company we would love to hear from you.